The words of happy clients.....

"We utilised the services of Linda to design and project manage an extension to the rear of our house.  From the very first meeting we had with Linda we found her to be a great listener, a person of integrity and someone who was both attentive to our needs but ensured we were making the right decisions.  Linda’s architectural direction really helped us achieve what we wanted with our home.  We didn’t realise when we started the brief with Linda how great the outcome would be.  Linda developed a great working relationship with our builder whilst maintaining enough distance to be able to follow him up on any issues.  It was great knowing that she was on top of all those details that we found overwhelming.   We love our new home and the way the extension has created such wonderful living spaces for us.  It is a joy to entertain in, relax and enjoy the new views we have.  The spaces all work so well, for us and our children.  So many times we have thought ‘why go out, when we have this space here that gives us so much pleasure’.  We thank Linda for helping us achieve this enviable position."
Katie and Andreas

"I would have no hesitation in recommending you. What I really like about your approach is that you really consider the 'big picture' and gave different and unique options. You seemed interested to understand our motivations and our family needs. Plus you are such a down to earth and talented architect. I still give Graham a hard time about where his draftsperson was going to put the staircase - it is a very tangible reminder the benefit of using someone who really knows what they are doing. Thank you!"

"We are very much loving our new areas. It is such a pleasure being in those rooms and also on the deck. It has made such a difference. Working with you and with (builder) over the whole project was also wonderful. You are two very professional, talented people. I'm more than happy to recommend anyone who asks. I think especially dealing with (builder) has been such a relief. I have heard so many stories of builders not living up to their promises at the beginning of the project and I think they actually exceeded our expectations on reliability and helpfulness."

"I am so surprised by how wonderful it is all day long and everything really works well….. Love living here - the place remains a pretty constant temperature all the time and we have had no use for heating yet - amazing! It is home in all ways and we are really pleased with it. I love it and feel very priviledged. You have designed a brilliant home."

"It's a very easy house to live in, to tidy, to clean, to move around in. It's so much more light and pleasant. You can open all the doors and it's like living in a tree house. The best thing about the renovation is the increased living space that we have. The other good thing is that it has brought the back garden and the bush outlook into our living space...….It was very much a two-way process. Linda would come up with designs and we'd discuss them it was a dialogue going backwards and forwards."
Susan and Michael

"We have engaged Linda twice. The first event was in 2001 when Linda designed a 2 storey extension to our previous family home. Linda’s reconfiguration of the existing downstairs interior template combined with an airy, light filled yet shaded extension to a small upstairs study transformed in the most positive way the amenity of our dwelling.

Some 10 years later we purchased a small block of land in Rozelle in order to downsize. We had no hesitation in seeking out the services of Linda for the challenging task of designing and overseeing the construction of a contemporary inner city detached dwelling. Linda’s attention to the detail of the design and placement of windows, storage and living spaces makes the place one of the most liveable homes I have ever had. It is a small home but beautifully designed to capture light, ventilation and views that are available.

She dealt with issues with council and subsequent approval in a completely professional manner. She applied herself to the design and supervision tasks with her characteristic dedication to the imaginative use of light and proportion combined with a sleek aesthetic. She was attentive to our needs and her understanding of construction techniques meant she developed a cooperative rapport with our builder.  

Linda was alive to the need to manage costs and was willing to consider and economically undertake the very minor design modifications which inevitably arise during any build.  We were greatly relieved that the build did not go over budget. At the same time this was not surprising given Linda’s mastery of her brief and attention to detail.
Edna and Kel

"Kel and I are sitting listening to the ABC news and cannot focus as there is an incredible view of the city shimmering in the sunset. We are coming to the end of our 6th year here and still are congratulating ourselves on our fortune at living in such a great home. Really, we still say regularly how much we love living here"

Edna and Kel some years later